INCORPORATING NON-BANKING FINANCE COMPANY (NBFC) Getting Approval from RBI, Getting Approval from RBI for Change in Management in NBFC

First Step NBFC Registration with Registrar of companies

Second Steo , we have to draft the NBFC Business Plan

Third step , we have to NBFC License from RBI

• We help you in NBFC Mergering  and Demergering of NBFC
• We help you to get the Prior Approval from RBI for Management Change in NBFC
• We help in NBFC Takeover & assist you in NBFC Stake Sale

Essential Criteria for Registering NBFC with the RBI
1.Minimum NOF requirement of Rs 200 lakh.

2.Application is to be submitted in two separate sets

3.Annex 2 to be submitted duly signed by the director/Authorized signatory and certified by statutory auditors.

Application is to made through online .

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